Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life View- If you are happy and you know it clap your hands (cue awkward silence here cuz I ain't clappin')

*Disclaimer...I LURVVVE Miss L, more than I have ever loved anything or anyone in the whole wide world. This post should, in no way concern anyone that I am going to leave her on the 1st street corner I see, with a "Will work for my Moms sanity....because my Mom thinks summer break is 4 weeks too long" sign around her neck. No sir-ree. Please do not turn me into social services.

Okay!.......I am keepin' it really real today.

Parents....Are ya done with summer break yet? 
I mean, really, really done with summer break?
I am.
No routine, no schedule, makes a Mama more cray-cray than normal.
It's all.... "MOM, can we go...." Mom, can you make me...."MOM, MOM, MOM"......and it's always when I am just getting into a project. It.never.fails.

These last couple weeks I've been nothing if I haven't been... touchy, crabby, impatient....and if there are any other adjectives out there to describe a part time stay at home Mom's disposition 10 weeks into summer break...I am probably that as well.

I've been on all sides of the fence as far as working full time outside of the home, full time stay at home, and now part time working outside the home kind of Mom.
As far as my sanity goes, working full time outside of the home was clearly the winner for me.

YEAH YEAH, I know, sounds like I am complaining. Yes I might be, right now. 
However, I also know how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be at, and take Miss L to, all of her activities, make her dinner, bring her to school & get her off the bus..
I know, I know, I really do! 

But mentally 10 weeks in, the blessing of it a bit....out of focus. 

Want to know something that has become a bit more clear, as the blessings of summer break become a bit hazy?
If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
True Story.
For some reason, I have become the go to person for mood setting in our home.
If I am happy...everyone else seems happy, or the ones that are happy can easily overlook the "unhappy" one(s).
If I am sad...the rest of the house gets sad right along with me.
If I ain't happy...there ain't nobody happy. 
They can be happy when they walk in the door, but the minute they smack into my wall of unhappiness...BAM...they pissed...just like ME.
I don't get it. 
Why do I have to be the designated mood setter?
It's way too much pressure and guilt!

Are you the mood setter in your home too?

I assure you I am not always Ms. Crabby McCrabberston. 
Most of the time, like 3 weeks out of 4, I am a pretty happy camper. 
But a girl has her psycho moments and 10 weeks in,  my 3 good weeks have dwindled down to about 3 good days....and that might be stretching it. 

I KNOW I am not alone. 
Because all you frazzled Mamas out there have been lighting up the Social Media world with "Summer, you are dead to me" posts.
Tell me how you are coping with the last couple weeks of summer break.

I'm not counting but....22 Days until my partial sanity makes its return.

EnJoy the View~