Thursday, October 23, 2014


I fell down the blogging rabbit hole....and lost my way.
And when I say that I mean, I was trying to do all things, well...bloggy.
I wanted people to be interested enough in my blog to come back and read it. I thought this meant DIY projects, subjects about budgeting & parenting, & kids & meals.
I had a Stay at Home Mom pipe dream that maybe I would make a dollar or two through sponsors that were dying to have a spot to advertise on my blog because there were so many "hits" per day.
Um guess what? Didn't happen. And frankly, I never worked at it hard enough for it to possibly happen.
It was too much for me.
The fad wore off pretty quick trying to keep up with the "real" home bloggers.
I think they call it burn-out, but I will just call it me being lazy.

#1- The Projects.
Yes I do them. Occasionally. Certainly not enough to be considered a DIY guru in the blogosphere.
However, I am the DIY guru inside my own home.
Aren't we all? To some degree?
Most of us DIY our meals, our cleaning(not to be confused with cleaning products), our make-up, our kids hair(unless they are a Tween, you can just forgetaboutit), and basically everything else in our worlds.
And for that, we need to be taking some cred.
But what I am done with is trying to keep up with projects I see online. Better Homes & Gardens, this blog, or that blog.
I. just. don't. have. the. stamina.
There I said it.
I might paint a wall or a table. Or who knows I might get crafty and make a wreath for Easter.
But I need to start just being happy with what I have at the moment.
Not constantly trying to change it, because that is what blog reading does to me....and Parade of Homes. Ugh talk about a rabbit hole!

#2- The Budgeting
I have a serious obsession with budgeting. I love to do it.
Does it mean I follow my budgets 100% of the time? No.
I try. I always have a plan. But life certainly likes to laugh at our plans sometimes.
So for lack of a better term, I have loosened the purse strings a bit.
My goal as the main budget-er in the family, have a plan, save when we can, and don't spend it if we don't have it.
Sometimes I get off track. It still makes me nervous but I take a deep breath and take baby steps towards making it better, without disrupting my household too much.
So I am done with these articles I read about how to save a dime here and there. I realize I have to do what works in that moment for my family and not be uptight about whether I have followed the monthly plan to a tee.

#3- Kids, lunches, and meals, and keeping my house tidy....
Listen, I am not a parenting expert and I hope I have never portrayed that here.
I love my daughter the best way I know how.
I don't make her sandwiches for her lunch that look like Elsa from Frozen.
She doesn't get vegetables in her diet everyday, even though she has tried to convince me that most things she eats were once in contact with some sort of veg so that must count for something. Whatever man, I'll run with it for now.
As much as I would like to make our meals "clean" and 100% homemade, there are still more times than I would like, that we have processed foods included in them.
As far as my tidy house goes, the majority of the time it is picked up.
Are there things laying around?
Of course.
I mean I just cleaned out 5 junk drawers and a junk cabinet.
By the end of that endeavor I had "junk" that I didn't want back in the junk drawers!
It's also that junk that couldn't be thrown away.
I eventually made it work, but seriously, who has 5 junk drawers?
My guess, a lot of people.
But for may sanity, keeping a tidy house keeps me a little less insane.
I am more comfortable in my home when things are cleaned.
It's far from perfect but it's good enough, most of the time.
Plus it's part of my job :)

So what I am saying here is, I am done trying to have a blog like everyone else.
I just like to write, and share. Nothing fancy, so please don't expect it, because I am over the fancy stuff.
It's pretty to look at but not very reasonable to have around.
So maybe I should change my blog name to The Messy Point of View.