Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Remember how I had this grand plan to make my own light fixture so it would look something like this:

Fixture Main

But with this type of light fixture:


Well this fickle girl changed her mind.

The original light I wanted was the one I ended up with. I saw this light fixture and really liked it because it was reminiscent of an old school house light. But then I saw the industrial farm house light with seeded glass and it kind of stole my heart.

After it was sitting around for a couple weeks I had a change of heart because I wanted 3 lights above the mirror instead of just 2 and I think 3 of the industrial farmhouse lights would be overwhelming.

So I headed to Home Depot and exchanged it for the original light I had my eye on, and Folks, I love the look. However, it is incredibly hard for me to photograph this bathroom. I think I need a wide angle lens or something. It is not a real small bathroom but it is narrow, so I don’t know if you will ever get a full shot of it all in one picture.

Anyway, here is the new light, plus you can see the new paint color better on the wall. It is Glidden Polished Grey:


Again, I am so far from being a photographer and the space and lighting are a huge challenge in this bathroom. Someday I might learn Smile 


Stay tuned for updates further down the line. My plan next is to do a peel and stick floor & frame out the builder grade mirror. I am also on the lookout for a shower curtain I love and vanity hardware.


EnJoy The View~


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