Tuesday, July 16, 2013

House View -- I'm gonna have to face it, I'm addicted to....dressers?

It has shaped up to be quite the busy summer!
As always, right?
I don't know why I am ever surprised at how fast the summers go, especially here in Minnesota.
Us North-men( & women) like to shove 9 months of outdoor activities into 12 weekends...because, well we kind of have to if we do not want frost bite!
It seems like every weekend is booked through August for our family. A good sign that we are having fun!

In between running Miss L around to all of her "social events"...I have been itching to start a new furniture project redo.
I found the perfect piece and cannot wait to get started on it.
There are so many great options & styles of "redo" out there I can't seem to decided.

Here is what the piece looks like right now minus the baseball piggy bank:

Beautiful, isn't it? 
What you cannot see real great in this picture is the beaded detail around the 2 bottom drawers. 
And what about those feet? UGH, so fabulous!

After drooling over this big wooden sweetness for a day, I set out searching high and low, like I do, on the internet and found some great inspiration!

An antiqued white finish with dark dresser knobs?

Aqua & white two-toned with brass knobs?

Distressed white with black top and black hardware?

Distressed bright aqua with dark stained top and copper-ish hardware?

 Or....classic black with a medium tone stained top and gold hardware?

See what I mean? 
Not an easy decision.at.all.
There are so many great ideas just on this page alone, image how many I found and had to then narrow it down?

This is where you, my lovely readers come in....tell me.....What do you think?
If you were in the market to purchase this dresser, what style would most likely seal the deal for you?

BTW, I am still loving Penelope, my 1st large furniture redo! 
If you missed that blog post, check her out here!

I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Until then.....

Enjoy the View


  1. The first one is my favorite :) but then again every single thing in my house is painted like that! So I'm the wrong person to ask.
    Found your blog through Blissfully Every After Blog Hop!

    1. It is a hard decision for me.
      I think I am going to keep more neutral because I am most likely going to sell it if I can part with it lol.
      Thanks for visiting Bridget and thanks for the input!