Monday, July 8, 2013

House View- Gonna Dress(er) you up in my love!

Old School Madonna, anyone?

Ok anyway.... I am done with her!!
The big beaut, that intimidated me so much, that is.
I am now going to lovingly refer to her as Penelope.
Because she looks a bit like a Peacock.
And when I think of a Peacock, I think her name must be Penelope, right?
She's looking all rich and gorgeous now.
You want to see her don't you?
Ok but before I do the "BIG" reveal...let's revisit the TomBoy version of Penelope, shall we?

She has great bones! But just not my style any longer. Hasn't been for a long time. 
Remember, I was too intimidated to do anything about it?
Well I finally mustered up the courage and dipped into the world of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 
Not to be confused with Chalkboard paint. 

(not my photograhy)

Annie Sloan(AS) was SUPER DUPER easy to use. 
No prep work!! Unless the piece that you are painting needs to be dusted or washed.
No sanding, no priming, only painting!
Word of warning, AS is on the spendy side...about $34 a quart. 
But it was so worth it! 
AND I only used a 1/2 quart on the Beaut!
So plenty of left over for other fun projects down the road.

I did purchase an AS paint brush too, which was around $25.
After researching the project and talking to an Annie Sloan expert, I figured it was the best way to go to ensure the project would go as smoothly as possible.

 After I got it all painted and let the 2 coats dry for 24 hours, I used AS Soft Wax in clear on the entire dresser. I just used an old t-shirt and buffing cloth they gave me at Denim Rose.
The wax seals the paint & makes it more durable.

And that was basically it.
It took me a little longer than I expected it to because we had so many things going on & I kept getting interrupted. 
But now Penelope looks like a star! Take a look-see.....

Yep I went with Aubusson Blue. 
Miss L told me I should jazz it up a bit. So I went blue instead of white.
I like it...a lot. She has a rich quality to her now.

I also went with a basic brushed nickle knob. Surprisingly I had 14 of them laying around the house back from when we built our townhouse in 2004. 
I knew they would come in handy some day.
I really want glass knobs for Penelope, but for now, the silver will have to do, until I can find a good deal on 14 glass knobs! 

One part that still needs some love....the mirror. 
I thought I would get away with NOT removing the mirror from the frame. 
And upon first glance it all looks very nice, but I just could not get close enough....and this is a close up of what I got:

Pine peeking through on the edge closest to the mirror. 
So eventually I will have to unscrew the mirror, take it out and touch up the paint.
But for right now, I am enjoying our bedroom being put back together. 
It was total chaos for a week in there, and it just about drove me to insanity.

Let's do one more side by side before and after on this project I am so proud of:

The lighting isn't real great in our Master Bedroom and these pictures were taken at different times during the day, but I think you get the drift?
Quite the change!

The only problem, now I have a hankering to paint the walls something lighter....

Are you DIYing anything this summer?
If so, please share! 
I love to see other peoples projects and ideas!

Until then....



  1. Very pretty!! I love the color :)

  2. Turned out beautiful! What a fun color! Thank you for sharing at Give Me The Goods!

    Dimples & Pig Tales

    1. Thank you Amber! And thanks for stopping by! You are my first to stop by via linking up at a party!
      I plan on dropping into your blog right now :)