Friday, June 28, 2013

House View - Step Right Up Folks!

Yesterday on my Facebook page House of Views, I said I was finishing up a small project.
I finally finished it, yeah!
Like I told you before, I can paint walls and such with no problem, besides an achy neck and shoulder afterwards, but as far as painting a piece of "furniture"....well it always seems sooooo tedious.
All the little nooks and crannies you have to shove the brush into?
And no matter how careful I am, there is always a drip and runny paint lurking somewhere on the piece once it is finally dry and finished.

Anywho, I had this half painted wooden step stool just hanging out around my house that the B'Dog DIYed for me a few years back. It has been super useful because I am vertically challenged, but it was never really cute. Especially with my half ass attempt at painting it 3 years ago! I must have been super annoyed & void of all patience the day I started it and then I just never went back and finished it.

But this week I got bit by a little painting bug and wanted a project.
And there was the step stool, looking all sad with her half dressed paint job, or lack thereof.

So I pulled out some black chalk board paint(which I have loved for a couple years now), a brush, and some newspaper and went to work.
Thinking it would be quick.
But noooo, it took me the span of 3 days to finally finish it.
Between having to let the paint dry in between coats and entertaining hanging out with Miss L this summer, it seemed to take FOREVER!
But she is all done up purdy now!
Step right up(pun intended) and take a little look-see:

Isn't she cute now, with all of her chalk board love?
As you can see, I am no artist, people. 
Those flowers(Yes, they are flowers) were the best I could do, haha.

I actually think I picked a small project as a diversion to my large dresser project. 
I am totally procrastinating  on that intimidating project. 
I think I am ready and going to check out some colors in person this weekend. 
Hopefully I will have some sort of a post about the "beaut" sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Are you working on any fun DIY projects. Let me know and share them on my Facebook page!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Enjoy your View~

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