Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book reView- The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

To me there is just something about summer reading. It just seems appropriate to get lost in a good book, during the lazy days of summer.
I have always been a reader, but my interest ebbs and flows. 
There are seasons in my life where I will devour one book right after another, not being able to get enough.
AND there have been other seasons in my life where it will be months of literary drought. Where I can't seem to get my mind to slow down enough to comprehend anything. Almost like I have ADD, but I know I don't. The older I get, the worse it gets. Anyone else with this problem?

I am happy to report that reading season is in full swing. In the last month I have read 3 books!

I blogged about 7: an experiment mutiny against excess here.

While I was on my 7 day hiatus I finished reading: Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young.
This is the same author who wrote The Shack. Which was a great book! 
I had 'Cross Roads' downloaded to my Kindle FO-EVAH! I picked away at it little by little. 
It was an interesting book and a great concept, but there was something about it that didn't quite hold my interest enough. 
However, I finished it, and I am glad I did. I really do not like starting a book and never finishing it. Especially if I buy it!

Last week on our first summer outing to the local library I searched for an Elin Hilderbrand novel.
When I see people's reading lists this is the author I see the most. 
So I thought one of Hilderbrand's books would have to be a safe bet. 
I chose 'The Castaways'.
'The Castaways' was a very fast read. 
It kept me entertained and riveted, just how I like my summer reading.
I see why she is a best selling author.
There are 8 main characters who each have a story of their own.
Even though it was fiction, I found so much real life woven into the story.
It's about life getting messy, and stagnant. 
It's about love and loss. 
It is about friendships and marriages.
AND it also takes place on Nantucket Island.... it just feels like summer.....and now I want to go there.
I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a nice & easy summer read.
I will definitely read more of Elin Hilderbrand.

What are you reading this summer? Let me know, I love a great book suggestion!

Enjoy the View~

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