Friday, June 21, 2013

Home View - a loooonnnggg overdue redo of a large pine dresser

For about 3 years I have been considering revamping this beaut:

It is our master bedroom dresser.
At one time I liked the look of  pine furniture.
I don't hate her now, but I have a different vision for her.
One that includes paint.
She's big Folks.
So that means a lot of painting.
Intimidated much?
Um Yes, yes I am.
Why, you ask?
Because I think painting furniture is about as fun as clipping a toe nail too short(which isn't fun at all).
All the prepping: sanding, priming, painting...coat after coat after coat. UGH!
Take me out to pasture and shoot me please!
Sorry, that was a little dramatic, I know.
Hey I can paint a wall like nobody's business, but thank you!

However, I have been reading about a certain product for the past 2 years that eliminates all but the painting step.
It is chalk paint.
And every time I go to an occasional sale, where they redo old furniture, the pieces that are painted with chalk paint are the ones that I get most excited about.
They have that cottage-y look I love so much.

So with that being said here are a few pieces of inspiration for my pine beauty.
These are all Annie Sloan brand chalk paint.

Provence Blue with gold hardware

Duck Egg Blue with glass knobs

Aubusson Blue with gold pulls

White with oil rubbed bronze pulls

Keep in mind the wall color of our master bedroom is:

Storm by Benjamin Moore

I am thinking a nice pop of color, like Provence Blue will do the room some good. 
But then my practical mind gets thinking that White is a universal color and what if I get sick of the blue(which I cannot imagine because it is my favorite but I am fickle like that, remember?) and White goes with dang near everything, so the chances of having to paint it again go down drastically, right?

What do you all think? 
Which one would you pick? 
Or would you go with a different color all together?
Please don't tell me you would stay with the pine look, because that is just.not.happening. :)

Enjoy the View~


  1. White, you can always add a pop of color with things you put on top, like a lamp or flower vase

    1. I hear ya there Cheryl.
      In all reality, the only thing that usually collects on my dresser is junk, nothing real pretty, lol