Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Viewing...where plants "usually" come to die and other tales from the crypt

I've been garden this year....if the snow ever stops falling and the ground thaws.
It is nearing the end of April and Minnesota was just slammed with another winter storm this week.
Thankfully it was 40 degrees yesterday and there was some serious melting going on while the sun was shining.
Let me tell ya folks, that is the ONLY good thing about snow in April, it does not last.

OK let's get back to the inspiring parts....a couple blogs I read have "talked me into" becoming a quasi-farmer.
When it comes to anything living that is green, that needs TLC, let's just say, I don't do it well.
Typically it's a big 'ol flop. In my defense it's not always my fault. I try, really hard, to carefully tend to the beautifully gifted houseplants that I have received, but I have 2 serious issues and they look like this:

Cute, right?
Don't let them fool ya, they are fur-covered plant killers.
P.S. not the same cat...Big Mow(Mow sounds like Mauer, as in Joe, without the "er") & Mee Mow(on the right)

So I gave up on house plants, because it was easier than giving up on the Mows.
But come February, in Minnesota...I am jones-ing for some plant life. 
I think you already get the drift that these two criminals make it nearly impossible to have a living one indoors.

Ms. Kelly over at: Grassroots Homestead, was an inspiration on two parts: to get my blog up and running and to start producing my own food, or at least TRY to produce my own food.
Hop over to Kelly's blog and check her out, let her know I sent you :)

Another inspiration was Jessica over at: Optimal Living
Her family leads, what I would consider, a healthy lifestyle. Her blog has inspired me to incorporate little tips and tricks into my family's lifestyle too!  Find a moment to check out Jessica's blog, you won't be disappointed.
 She recommended this book on gardening: 

I must admit, it has an overwhelming amount of information to sort through. Especially for this non-gardener's brain. But we, as a family, are going to put our best foot forward and try to produce a little of our own food.

Sounds fun, right? 

I hope I think that as I am out tending to my precious plants, when it is 100 degrees, 70 degree dew point, and the mosquito's are dive bombing my head this summer.

And just so you don't go away thinking ALL plants come here to die, I have proof they don't:

(pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a flat of marigolds(apparently these keep the rabbits out of the garden?)

My daughter and I actually grew these from little teeny-tiny seeds!
I would like to say there wasn't any criminal activity from the fur-covered plant killers, but I would be lying. 
Mee Mow was caught red-pawed(?), with a tomato seedling hanging out of her mouth.
They have since been safely tucked away into the play room, with the door closed at all times.

Hopefully sometime this summer we will all get to,

Enjoy the View......from our garden!

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  1. You did it...way to start your seeds...they look great!!!!