Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Budget View: Where I start

Who really wants to be on a budget?
Um, I don't see a lot of hands shooting up in the air and waving wildly :)

However, the geek in me finds some sort of excited satisfaction in figuring out a budget for my family.... but I don't always think it is fun or easy to follow it. Most times a budget puts a serious crimp in my style, and if you knows me, I am stylin' and profilin'(sorry, I should have warned you with a "geek alert" before I pulled out my urban slang, because I am so not urban).

When it comes to spending money I have always leaned more conservative.  My Hubby, who I will lovingly refer to from here on out as the "B'Dog", would say I am just indecisive & fickle about what to spend our money on.
Let me plead my case:
#1- I am indecisive because I do not want to theoretically be caught with my "pants down" due to over spending and under planning. I know that seems like all the rage right now, especially at a Government level, BUT I hold myself to a little higher standard than that.
I know, I know, so 1950's of me.

AND #2- As far as the "Fickle" part goes, I have a spending disorder, is it called: Buyer's Remorse. No matter what I buy, when I buy it, or how much I buy it for, there is always a nagging feeling of regret & remorse.
This disorder serves our budget well, until B'Dog really has his heart set on making a purchase. That's when I start to look like a control freak with iron purse strings. Amazing how we can see the same situation in a completely different view.

I'm all like: " Do we really NEED that right now?"
And B'Dogs all like: "Yes, plus I really WANT it right now."

We typically compliment each other very nicely in our purchasing decisions, because neither of us gets our way 100%  of the time. Truth be told it can be a jerky little ride, like too much "gas pedal/brake pedal action"  but for the most part it's a fine balanced act.

So here is my idea: I am going to try out a budgeting series.
I am thinking it will have 4-6 parts over a 2 week period.
I hope you consider joining in on these posts, even if you despise the "B" word, not to be confused with the "B'Dog".
You may find a tip or two that will benefit you or your family a long the way.
I would also LOVE to hear what works in your budget.
I am constantly learning and I am sure some of my readers have fabulous ideas!

Remember no matter what your money situation is right now I hope you......

Enjoy the's free! 

I am not a Pro at economics, math, investing, ect.
I have no formal training or education in any of these areas.
But I do consider myself semi-pro at keeping OUR household afloat from month to month.
I am happy to report that for the past 11 1/2 years (20 if you count when I was single, but I will stick with the years we have been a family unit)  our family has not had even ONE over draft fee from a bank. 
I consider that pretty successful!

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