Friday, May 3, 2013

BeautyView Friday- a tree...and it's buds

It's that time again..... Beautyview Friday!
This is all about taking the time to look around and find something I think is beautiful during the week and capture it with my fancy-nancy camera(that I still have no idea how to use, but am reading up on it).

I think this is especially important because most of us live in what is considered a fast paced society.

Remember slowing down and really drinking in the beauty that God provides for us is not only polite(to the Big Guy) but it's FREE.

This is a little red maple tree in my front yard that gets most of its glory in the fall when the leaves turn a vibrant shade of red.
I never took the time to notice how beautiful the buds were in the spring on this same exact tree. 
They look like miniature flowers and that makes my heart happy today!

Have a great weekend and.....


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