Friday, May 24, 2013

BeautyView Friday- Wouldn't ya gnome it?

After a weeks worth of rain and dreary skies, my yard is in full bloom. So So pretty.
Now let's remember I am still fine tuning any skills I thought I might have with a DSLR camera.
I have none folks, nada, zilch.
So excuse some of my photos today, because it was cloudy, very dreary, and almost dark in a lot of these shots, and apparently I have no idea about there ya have it.
I was only going to do one shot but I want to show you what is blooming over at the homestead.

This is a little bush in my back yard that turns all firey red when it is full. Anyone know the name of it?

Here is one of hundreds of blossoms on my apple tree that I pray turns into hundreds of apples! Last year we got one lonely apple off of our tree because of a high wind storm that came through in June and took our other apple tree out. Of course it was the tree that had all the apples on it! Try not to notice the bad exposure in this picture, lol!

These are the flowers from my flowering crab apple trees. I have 3 of them. All white. I wish you had smell-e-vision...they smell delicious! The only down fall, they attract tent worms and I spotted a small nest yesterday at the top of one of the trees. Have to go clip and burn those little gross monsters today!

Last year we didn't get any lilacs. It was a very warm winter and things started blooming very early in Minnesota. Then we had a frost and it stunted all the lilacs and they never bloomed. Which is sad because they are so beautiful and fragrant.

Another thing that has sprouted up...little bitty Gnomes. Yep they took up residence not too long ago. They are pretty quiet neighbors, but I think they need to do a little sprucing up around the house. Their "chippy" little house has a lot of character, but their lawn needs to be mowed!

Speaking of lawns, ours dang near had to be bailed yesterday after a week of not being able to get out and mow it because it was too wet!
Everything is green and beautiful though, just like Minnesota should be!

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Weekend. Take time at your BBQ this weekend to remember all the Men and Women who sacrificed their lives for our country and to also.......

ENJOY the View~

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