Friday, May 10, 2013

BeautyView Friday...the most beautiful thing I ever had a hand in making....

There is nothing I find more true as we approach Mother's Day.
I may have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but being a Mom was not one of them.

Last night was my daughter's music program at school. I pulled out my fancy-nancy camera and caught a couple candid shots of her laughing and playing her recorder for the program.
The shot of her laughing cracks me up because it is totally her! In all her natural, goofy, crooked toothed glory. She gives the world beauty every time she laughs.

The program was great, even if there were a few notes squeaked out at the wrong time.
That Girl amazed this Mama at how quickly she can learn something new.
Reading notes never came easy to me.
If you ask my BF Paula, she would tell you that she had to write the letter of the notes on all of my sheet music just so I would play the right one when it came to playing the recorder and guitar in school.

When I was pregnant with Miss L, I imagined that she was going to do great things in this world.
I still do....because everyday she does.

Thank you God, for picking ME to be Miss L's Mama!

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy your View~

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