Monday, May 20, 2013

Food View- Keep Calm & Make Coffee

I love the taste, I love the smell, and I love the warmth.....

I wouldn't say I am coffee dependent, however I would say I like a good cup of Joe in the morning and sometimes mid afternoon to perk things up a bit.
Honestly though, I think it is a comfort thing. 
It just feels home-y. 
For all you coffee drinkers out there, I suspect you know what I mean?

And the real good news here, there are supposed health benefits, besides an energy boost, to drinking coffee!
Don't sue me if these prove to be untrue in 20 years, but after some reading these are the "bennys" I found:
Lowers my risk of death from heart disease, diabetes, prostrate cancer(this is not a big concern to me, but if you are a man this is a great benefit), and endometrial cancer. 
Also, coffee drinkers are more likely to resist development of dementia and Alzheimer's. 
Apparently these benefits are linked to the high antioxidant levels in coffee.

Beware: What you add to your coffee can make it into a cup o' crap!

In the past I was a coffee creamer junkie. Seriously, we could whip through a container of this within a week:

Even though I loooovvvveee the taste, I wised up a bit, read the label, and decided I wanted to cut down on my chemical consumption. 
Here is a chemical ingredient label for the coffee creamer I use to use:

Non-Dairy Product Ingredients: Water, Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Palm Oil (Adds an Insignificant Amount of Fat), Contains Less than 1% of Less of Each of the Following: Carrageenan, Cellulose Gel, Cellulose Gum, Mono and Diglycerides (Adds an Insignificant Amount of Fat), Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (Adds an Insignificant Amount of Fat), Salt, Dipotassium Phosphate, Polysorbate 60 (Adds an Insignificant Amount of Fat), Sodium Caseinate (Sodium Caseinate is Not a Source of Lactose) (a Milk Derivative), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Artificial Color.

Um, what?

So I stopped using my beloved, chemical & sugar laden coffee creamer, and started drinking my coffee black. 
And it was just fine black, but I was missing my creamer.
If I didn't have a mild dairy allergy, I would have just switched over to real cream, and not the fat-free stuff either! FULL FAT BABY!(click here to read about my view on healthy fats)
But dairy was not an option unless I really wanted to be in pain the rest of the day :(
BOO to food allergies!

Then I was introduced to Full-Fat, organic coconut milk(click link to see where I get this brand)!!

Get a load of the ingredients:
Organic coconut milk (organic coconut, water, organic guar gum).

Just a tad healthier? I would say so! 
I can actually pronounce and recognize all the ingredients. SCORE!

Now in the morning(and/or afternoon) I take my coffee with 2 Tbsp of Organic Coconut Milk. 

I, myself happen to like the taste of coconut. I know not everyone likes the flavor but in all honesty it really is mild in taste.
*Just a note, this is unsweetened. 
After a week or so I lost my craving for sweetened creamer after I quit adding the chemical laden creamer to my coffee.
If you really need  it sweet, try out some Stevia or a smidge of organic cane sugar.

Take the time to pour yourself a cup and......

Enjoy the View~

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