Friday, May 17, 2013

Food View Friday (cue the Marky Mark music please)- Ya Oil ready for this?


Yep, this week I am changing it up a little bit.
Usually it's BeautyView on Fridays and for anyone that is new here BeautyView is where I take out my fancy-nancy camera(that I am learning how to use and still not real good with) and look for something I find beautiful that week and post the snap shot.... BUT  I only had my camera out once this week(shameful, right?) and it was to take pictures of Miss L at softball practice.
I know I  never get tired of seeing pictures of her, but she's not yours.....and I don't want to wear out her welcome.
Of course she will make more than just one appearance here, no worries :)

 Instead I am posting about the cooking oils I use in my kitchen.

Disclaimer: I have a long way to go as far as weight loss, getting in shape, and true healthy eating...but I am taking steps that are working for me. Adding healthy fat back into my daily diet is one step that has worked in my favor. Since I have quit counting fat grams and stopped eating low-fat/no-fat foods, I have lost 10 lbs!!

How can that be, you ask? When the SAD(Standard American Diet) tells us we need to be eating low fat to curb the obesity epidemic? Maybe we have been misinformed all these years?

There is so much information out there, and it can be quite overwhelming, but I found that replacing certain oils with healthier versions has worked for me. Another huge benefit when I added healthy fats back into my diet: I stayed full longer! Apparently this leads me to eating less...what a brilliant concept!

So out with the unhealthy oils like: vegetable oils, Crisco, and any non-butter spreads or sprays like "I can't believe it's not Butter".

Disclaimer: I am not going to go around pretending to be a health expert because clearly I am not. And I won't pretend I NEVER consume vegetable oils because obviously if we go out to eat, I have little to no control over what kind of oils the restaurant uses. But I do have the control to use healthier versions when I cook at home, right?

And that brings us to the oils I always keep handy in my kitchen.

Oh I love my coconut oil! So many uses and benefits. In my kitchen I use this for baking, cooking, and sauteing.

I use this for marinades, homemade salad dressings, and low heat sauteing. 
This particular EVOO has a very strong, distinct flavor so when I make a homemade salad dressing or marinade I usually mix it with my next go to oil #3:

I use this sparingly because it mainly contains Omega 6 fatty acids, which we get too much of in our SAD(Standard American Diet). When I run out of sunflower oil I am going to try avocado oil next because it has less Omega 6 fatty acids & more Omega 3's!
I like sunflower oil because it does not have a strong flavor, which makes it great for homemade salad dressings and marinades. 
Once in awhile I will use it to saute things if I do not want the EVOO or Coconut oil flavor. 
I would use butter but because I have a mild dairy allergy I try to stay away from butter when I will be consuming the food I am making. 
BUT that does not mean I don't use butter in my kitchen for B'Dog and Miss L.

Who doesn't LOVE butter?
It has gotten such a bad rap over the past couple decades but butter is making a HUGE comeback, as it very well should! 
I use butter mostly for my family's benefit by adding it on top of pancakes & waffles, on toast & sandwiches, on steamed veggies, in homemade baked goods, ect.
As I said before I do have a mild dairy allergy, but on occasion I will still consume butter, even if I pay for it later...naughty me!

And THAT'S IT! Those are the oils I use. 
Pretty simple, pretty healthy, and pretty dang tasty!
Do yourself, your family, and your taste buds a flavor favor...add the healthy fats back into your kitchen!

Happy Friday Y'All!

ENJOY the View~

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