Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Budget View- Has anyone smelled my Burner phone around?

Before you start to judge, hear me out.....I am NOT carrying this around :

But I kinda think it would be funny to pull one of these suckers out in a public place, start chattin' it up and see how many people stopped to stare. Especially the generation that has NO idea what the heck it even is!
The good ol' phone in a was so 007 at the time, wasn't it?

But I do carry this(when it's charged):

To those with an untrained eye, this is NOT a smart phone{insert sarcasm here}.
It is a prepaid Tracfone aka Burner phone(as a lovely friend of mine once referred to it).

Let me list a few of the reason why I do not get "smart" about my phone.

#1- I cannot stand to be in "contract" as a customer. 
The contract concept has been a thorn in my side for years. I think it is ridiculous that we, as customers, are slaves to one company's service for 2 years! These companies act like they are doing us a favor?
UM excuse me BUT doesn't the consumer pay for your BILLION dollar mansion?

#2- Dude! I got bigger fish to fry. 
OK so everyone has different fish to fry. 
My main fish, is to get and keep my family debt free!
We have 2 debts(car loan & camper loan) yet to pay off besides our 2 mortgages(one is a rental property, one is our homestead).
I am not sure what the going rate is for a data plan/cell bill on a smart phone, but I am guessing an average family that have smart phones, in the USA, pay $100 or more a month for these plans?
If I had to make an educated estimate on how much we pay as a family on our 2 "burner" phones, I would say about $250 total per year.
That brings me to a $950 savings that we can put towards our debt! 
And yes, if you are wondering, we do pay more than the minimum payment required on the 2 debts I mentioned above. 
I just cannot justify a high monthly cell phone bill, especially if things get tight in the finances from month to month. 
Right now it is just not on my needs list.

#3- I would be an addict.
Yep I know my limits. I would be on that dang smart phone all.the.time! And some days "those" people, really irk me.
In all honesty though, smart phones are sooooooo cool.
I literally cannot believe that we have all that technology right at our fingertips if we so choose.
Talk about 007!
And we totally take it for granted. I mean, I literally hear people gripe about how slow their smart phone is running. SAY WHAT? Who the? What the? Yeah, I got nothing for those people.

I'm not saying we will never get a smart phone. Who knows, tomorrow I may wake up and think "Hey, today is a great day to become a slave to a smart phone!" and run out to the nearest mobile phone store and purchase one. B'Dog says I am fickle like that, remember?

When that day does come I will search high and low for a phone plan that doesn't consist of signing a 2 year contract. I know they exist even with data plans.
But as of right now I have not found the need for it.
You can be certain when it becomes a "need", I will be doing my research to find the best option for our family.

Remember to put your neat little smart phone away once in awhile and.......


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